Welcome to Erickson Advertising
If you’re looking for an marketing program that will work to illuminate your business, you’ve come to the right place. Erickson Enterprises specializes in promoting business with the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We offer three very tried-and-true ways to get your name and message out there . . . 
T H E  H O M E  OF  E R I C K S O N  E N T E R P R I S E S
Community Values
Promotional Products
Selective Mailing Solutions
Community Values  are quality, full color, multi-page, coupon magazines. The publications  are mass-mailed quarterly at the publishers expense. 

Community Values distribution routes are designed  to reach every homeowner within a specified territory so that an advertiser can target definitive areas where their largest number of customers are located.  

This has proven to be a very cost effective and successful  form of advertising.
You can  reach an intended market with direct mail. 
Internet advertising may be popular, but it is not the end-all. Folks still like something tangible to hold in their hands. Direct mail advertising targets specific areas, zip codes, route carrier routes, income levels, gender or any other specific market via post cards or brochures.  You won't have to rely only on web searches to have your advertisements be seen.

The best part is that Erickson Enterprises can do it all for you ... from the design and printing of your brochures or postcards, to compiling the best mailing lists for your target area and finally  sending  the promotional piece  off to  a select  group of potential consumers.  
Imprinted promotional products  are a fun and effective form of advertising. They have a one-time production fee, and then create lots of ongoing visual momentum.  A particular item with a specialized imprint can be used over and over again reminding the user and those around them of a company, a cause or a special event. Erickson Enterprises has produced imprinted specialty items from thimbles to umbrellas and everything in between.   
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